Oceana Gardens

You can offer me a good product, a fair price, added value and years of experience and they really wouldn’t mean a thing unless you back it with integrity.

Integrity is what I have experienced doing business with David Murray, Murray Homes, Inc.

I am an educated consumer, who took tortuous months of self study and insight from others who have relevant experience in new home construction who guided me in my decision to purchase my home from Murray Homes. The consensus of feedback I received was: “a well built home, good use of space” with “unbelievable attention to detail”. The process of purchasing my home was smooth—imagine that! All my questions were answered promptly and to my satisfaction—believe me, I am demanding. Mr. Murray took time to educate me on issues I did not understand; primarily the BMP comes to mind—I love that thing now!! My walk through was done in the (...)

Eagle Lake at Plantation North